1 Hack Per Month(2016)

1 Hack Per Month(2016)

- 2 mins

This is a list of my hacks to improve productivity and coding skills. Code everyday and make something useful.


File Organizer - No more messy folders!

A basic hack to organize files in a folder. Categorizes different files in corresponding folders.
Github: File organizer - Github
Working: GIF


Email Sender - Send Emails-Github

Being an event organizer I needed to send emails to a list of students. Made a script to do the same.
Working: GIF


Contribution to an Open source project collectiveidea/unicode_math

Fun Ruby extensions for doing math with Unicode



You can use many fractions as literals:

 * 530 + ½⅖ / 



You can use square root, cube root, and fourth root:

 4 27 81


There’s a sine wave unicode character, so we can calculate sine of a number:



Easily use unicode:costants


And have fun with them:

(-..).cover?  + 1

And many more!


SafeHouse - SafeHouse-Github

Developed an application “SafeHouse” for Disaster Management in a 24-hour hackathon.

Project description:

In the light of recent events in Nepal, Paris, Maharashtra, Pakistan etc it became clear we lack proper disaster management system.

Had it been otherwise, a lot of lives could have been saved. With this project we aim to provide the required knowledge and the means to the victims and organisations like NGO’s at the time of peril.

User reports a disaster Based on reported disaster’s location and type, push notification will be given to all the users near that area. Depending on how manyusers were notified and how many were in trouble, we prioritize the disaster by Geometric mean. All the information is being communicated in real time, As soon as disaster is reported. An unauthorized, unauthenticated user can easily get help because we know data plans are expensive and everyone does not have a smart phone, so just send an SMS at 09243422233 with your place name only eg. Delhi.

Distance based show of results on map with call option on your phone. No downloads, no browsing required.

Project Screenshot


~~ Exam Time ~~~


My first job

Joined UrbanClap as a Software Engineer. Setting up mac and some bash profile hacks!


Setting up some coding environment! (Will write a detailed blog on it soon)


Will update the future hacks soon! Office time!
Aditya Chowdhry

Aditya Chowdhry

Software Engineer

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