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Hey there!

I am Aditya Chowdhry, currently working as a Product Engineer at Go-Jek and exploring a world of distributed systems.

[2018 - current] Product Engineer at Go-Jek

[2016 - 2018] Software Engineer at UrbanClap

At UrbanClap I worked across various projects like Chat(using Ejabberd), SEO(backend infrastructure), Customer Product Flow and MatchMaking.

How we build chat at UrbanClap:

Chat Team

Medium article: [Power of in-house chat]

I have worked on various languages and technologies such as:

During my college time, I have been an active participant in Coding competitions and Hackathons.

ACM ICPC Kolkata 2015
IndiaHacks 2016 (selected in top 20 out of 1000+ teams)

I also started a Programming Club and took regular sessions on Data Structures and Algorithms.

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Intro to online judge

During my time at Programming Club, I organized an Online coding competition along with an offline coding competition.

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