Giving back to the community

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This is for students/professionals who are looking to make a career in programming/computer-science/software-development and have questions like -

..etc Or any other questions.

Why I am doing this?

In India, lakhs of engineers graduate everyear and only a handful of engineers secure a good engineering job.

I can’t change the above completely but I want to focus on those who are genuinely interested in making a career in this field but lack good mentorship and connect with the current industry.

In my initial years of college, one thing that I had trouble with was getting good guidance. I didn’t even know in what direction should I prepare myself. With a lot of trial and error, I met with some really good people and discovered a lot of different things. This helped me to set a target and prepare for it. And this is a very common state among students in India.

There are many reasons for this state - outdated curriculum, lack of good teachers, mindset, unauthorized colleges etc. It’s hard to change all of this. But one can start small, so this is my attempt to guide/mentor the willing ones in the right direction.

IMO, Good guidance at the right time can do wonders. Getting guidance shouldn’t be hard.


Send me an email at For faster reply it would be helpful if you use “Giving back to the community” as subject, introduce yourself and just describe the query.

Aditya Chowdhry

Aditya Chowdhry

Software Engineer

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